Black Sea Network for
Regional Development

Regional Agency For Entrepreneurship And Innovation – Varna (RAPIV), Bulgaria

The Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations (RAPIV), established in 2002, is a non-governmental utilitarian non-profit organization, carrying out its activities in public benefit, for stimulating regional economy, through the development of entrepreneurship and innovations.

Main activities:

High –Technology Incubator

Priority sectors for the admission of companies:

  • Information and Communication Technologies;
  • Technologies for protection and restoration of the environment and sustainable development (including alternative energy sources);
  • Advanced Marine Technologies;
  • Medical and pharmaceutical products and technologies.

Activities, directed to improve innovation environment:

  • Providing of preferential conditions for technology oriented SMEs;
  • Commercialization of scientific research;
  • Know-how and technology transfer;
  • Rendering assistance in the finding of: markets, partners for technological and business collaboration, financial sources;
  • Active advertising and marketing policy on domestic and international markets;
  • Organizing and participation in national and international multidiscipline teams, meetings, conferences and seminars, which stimulate innovative development of SMEs.

Innovations And Technology Transfer Centre

The activities are in the following trends:

  • Regional Innovation Policy;
  • Innovation services for SMEs;
  • Technology transfer;
  • Regional Investments.
Last updated: 01.10.2012
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