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SME’s Association of Constanta (PIMM Constanta)

Structure and dimensions of the organization

Established on 26 April 2004, SME’s Association of Constanta is a non-governmental, non-political, nonprofit organization, a regional structure of National Council of Romanian Private Small and Medium Enterprises, the only representative association at the national level for SMEs. 

  •  first SMEs associative structure in Constanta county;
  •  first NGO representative for SMEs in Dobrogea;
  •  first institutional platform in Dobrogea that generated local/regional/ national/international business networking events;
  •  first network business in Dobrogea which supported and developed social entrepreneurship.


Promoting and protecting the economic, production, commercial, financial, juridical and any other nature interests of small and medium private enterprises.

Specialized departments 

IMM Business Center 

 Facilitates SME’s participation in fair and exhibitions, organizes B2B meetings and economic missions for business people and entrepreneurs

  • operates on principles of active partnership between CNIPMMR and service providers for SMEs. The center is established in order to develop public-private networks of full service information, advice and assistance to SMEs, accessible, efficient and effective.

Constanta Advocacy Group 

 Influences public policies in order to create, develop and strengthen the SME’s sector 

  • aims at promoting and defending economic interests, production, marketing, financial of the legal private enterprises in Constanta, in their relations with authorities / central and local public institutions and in relations with other bodies and organizations in the country and from abroad.

Academia IMM 

Offers advice, assistance and training for people and organizations

  • provides consulting programs and specialized assistance in business management and in areas that will be of interest to SME’s: economic, social, technical, financial, and legal education. It also initiates and organizes seminars addressing topics that define the needs of entrepreneurs.


PIMM Constanta has a wide range of projects in its portfolio within national and international programmes 

Achieved project:

  • Rete Class; Training at the European Level; €F. €M. – EuroFarmers for EuroMarket; We are all consumers; Capacity Building for NGO’s – Business Partnerships; Creation of a Networks Structure for the Support to Local SME’s in Bulgaria and Romania in the High Technology Sector through the SME’s Region of Liguria

Ongoing projects:

  • POSDRU/92/3.1./S / 49297 “Be manager for your business!” – national level - Sectoral Operational Programme "Human Resources Development";
  • POSDRU/80/2.3/S/55896 "European Competencies for increasing employability and competitiveness of firms in the construction industry thru innovative methods of professional continuous training“ – national level - Sectoral Operational Programme "Human Resources Development".

Contact details:

SME’s Association of Constanta

186 Mamaia blvd, Constanta, 900540, Romania

Phone/fax: +40-241-55-43-88

Last updated: 01.10.2012
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