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Organization For Small And Medium Enterprises Sector Development, Moldova

The Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Development (shortly known as ODIMM) was created in order to sustain and improve the development of the SME sector in the Republic of Moldova and to meet the Governmental priorities.

ODIMM is a non-profit non-commercial organization, with the status of public institution, governed by public law, created by Government Decision nr.538 dated on 17 May 2007, working in coordination with the Ministry of Economy and other central and local public administrations, business associations, business support providers and SMEs.

ODIMM vision: Republic of Moldova should be a favorable place to start and grow a business.

ODIMM mission: To boost national economy competitiveness by supporting the SME sector development in the country.

ODIMM strategic goal: To promote SME efficient and effective development, thus assuring sustainable economic growth in the country.

ODIMM current activities:

  • Offering credit guarantees to small enterprises through the Credit Guarantee Fund;
  • Implementing the National Program on Attraction of Remittances in Economy “PARE 1+1”;
  • Implementing “National Program for Youth Economic Empowerment”  (PNAET);
  • Implementing “Efficient Business Management”, national training program;
  • Implementing the EU Project “Lead your way to the business”.
  • Creating Business Incubators in Moldova;
  • Implementing EEN in Moldova.
Last updated: 01.10.2012
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